Believe In what You Breathe™

The Company
Green Tank Technologies designs, develops and manufactures innovative, high-performance vaporization hardware exclusive to the cannabis industry. The company is committed to providing licensed producers and extractors with state-of-the-art vaporization technology, engineered specifically for each brand’s extract formulations. The vaporizers are designed with one purpose; to deliver the very best user experience in the market. Green Tank’s product portfolio consists of unique vaporizers, cartridges, and accessories: GT M7, GT Spectrum, GT CRWN, GT Commuter, GT M7.M, GT Surge Series, GT Core Pod System, Torrch, and more.

The Idea
In 2015, while attending his best friend’s wedding in Colorado, Dustin Koffler, Co-Founder & CEO of Green Tank, saw a unique opportunity to enter the cannabis industry. Coming off of four years in the electronic cigarette industry, Dustin recognized that many guests at the wedding were using e-cigarette hardware to vaporize cannabis oils. Unlike e-juice, cannabis oils are very viscous and are not meant to vaporize in e-cigarette hardware. Appreciating the immense amount of time and money that cultivators and extractors spend producing their oils, Dustin set out on a mission to re-engineer and innovate the vaporization hardware that would forever change the way consumers vape high-viscosity cannabis oils.

Greentank Ceramic Core Formulations
Built into every piece of Green Tank hardware is our unique Ceramic Core Formulations, which delivers the most authentic taste to the end consumer by eliminating the traditional exposure of the heating coil. Our coil is built into the ceramic core, which provides state-of-the-art, even-chambered heating system, and the cleanest and most natural vapor output. The result is a full flavor, maximum terpene profile vapor cloud without any burnt taste.

The Quality Guarantee
From our creative in-house design team to our product engineers, Green Tank’s sole focus is to improve the consumer experience. We source only the highest quality materials for all componentry and take pride in our industry-leading quality control and quality assurance procedures throughout our supply chain and during the manufacturing process.

“Our solutions allow producers to focus on their craft, while allowing us to deliver the ultimate vaporization experience to their customers.” – Dustin Koffler, CEO of Green Tank Technologies